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"” is a website created specifically to tie together the ever expanding catalogue of various modpacks created and maintained by whatthedrunk and carrots4u. Starting out as simply creating a modpack for him and his friends to play on a private server, the “allthemods” pack started generating interest outside of the closed player group and slowly gained popularity as the goto “kitchen sink” modpack on curse. Momentum started to gain as the modded minecraft community realised that the ATM pack was far more frequently updated with new mods being tested and added all the time. Late in 2016 saw a branching out of the modpack into several other themed modpacks, starting with Skyblocks and Expert mode. Now the brand exists as several modpacks with a number of developers volunteering to develop, test and moderate Curse, Discord and the testing servers.

You will not find a more active community with a modpack to suit almost everyone’s taste, allthemods is an ever evolving, frequently updated and diverse part of the modded minecraft community.

Welcome to allthemods